BREAKING: Rosenstein Indicts 12 RUSSIAN AGENTS for ‘Hacking’ 2016 Election | Sean Hannity

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced Friday that the Department of Justice has indicted an additional 12 Russian agents for “hacking” the 2016 presidential race for the White House.

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The sad and ironic part of all this is that countries do this all the time, nothing new, did not effect outcome of elections, as so admitted… The US government, CIA, has meddled in more countries and regimes than anyone can even imagine, have toppled governments, have started wars and destroyed countries in the name of greed, The US has been a worldwide bully for many many years and frankly am surprised at the “appauling shock they are acting out on this”, every country has been doing as such since day one, and the US is the biggest culprit…Hypocrisy at its best…We need Russia as an allie not as an enemy and the deep state is hard at work to destroy Trump and any relationship with Russia for fear of what is going to come out of this meeting…They are trying to get the public to trust nothing … Russia is friendly with China, we need to be cool w/ Russia. Russia has never done anything to americans, I do not understand why people fear Russia so much…Good thing Putin understands our MSM, and their Fake News… I hope he convinces Trump to hurry and rid USA of SOROS…

im not convinced i watched the entire press conference and there is no ‘hacking the election’ charges… Everything listed boils back down to ID theft…

This looks to me like the RosenStein Mueller team trying to take a victory lap, they are banking that no one notices that there are 15 million cases of ID theft per year, while 500k is not a small number it is only 3 percent of ID theft from 2016. Taxpayers footed 20 million for 3 percent?

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Rosenstein is the one who should be indicted along with Hillary, Obama, all involved in this lie and attempting obstruct, falsely accuse, and hinder this current President by framing him totally unjustly and based on illegal activity. As angry as I am at Mueller, Rosenstein, Ray, Comey, Strozk and the whole Democratic gang, at this point, there are only 2 people to blame for this ongoing fiasco: Jeff Sessions and President Trump. Trump should make public every single email from Obama on down since 2015 and every questionable criminal or treasonous action and statements before that. We need to build a Democratic leader’s jail for Obama and Hillary and everyone involved in colluding with the FBI and DOJ and Christopher Steel and the Russia lies in the Dossier, and who support Sanctuary Cities that allow our citizens to be harmed and killed, and who supported the treasonous Iranian deal while admitting Americans could be killed by supporting terror and saying that would not negotiate for their own children as part of the Nuclear Deal, and allowing Hezbollah to run drugs in America, and endangering our lives with incompetent air-traffic controllers, and lying about free speech rights on the job on the football field, and blatantly lying about Civil rights taking precedence over conscience/religious rights, and treasonously lying by saying that Islam is a religion of peace, thus aiding, abetting, encouraging, and comforting our worst, most wicked, deceptive and insidious enemies in history, and for all the liberal news media that are lying for Hillary and Obama and interfering with a legitimate election and obstructing justice with a totally illegal and false, made up accusations. All such democrats, including teachers and administrators that encourage the disruptive and violent protest against free speech on college campuses, should be put in jail for not less than 20 years for crimes against our unalienable rights and against our Constitution.

Wait a minute, I thought the FBI and DOJ did not get direct access to the hacked DNC and HRC server and relied on a private firm for their findings. How then did Mueller conduct this hacking investigation to arrive to this conclusion. Relying on information and metadata shared by a third party is wrong as that is not evidence in a court, it’s hearsay. Discovery should very interesting if any of these people show up to defend themselves.

Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey are all longtime Republicans. Did you really not know that, or are you just spreading right-wing propaganda?

They are deep state Republicans, there are no sides here, politically, they are corrupt on both sides. Cleaning the swamp means all of DC. This is the good against the Evil.

Donald Trump and his cronies are the swamp.