Breaking: Rick Perry is out

Shocking :roll_eyes:I Wonder who Perry will throw under that ever-widening bus?


Don’t let the door…

Another deep state, globalist lib, RINO.

Trump didn’t tweet this out, strange.

This has been an AMAZING Infrastructure Week. It’s not even Friday yet.

Is it because he feels he can no longer contribute positively to the President’s agenda? Or because he needs to spend more time with his eyeglasses? Or because he’s about to run over the President on the Impeachment bus?

Only time will tell.

Should be a fun Friday. Only 24 more hours to go until Total Executive Time.

Fat donald is too busy writing the Mulvaney firing tweet.

Was Rick Perry smart enough to get out immediately after hearing about the Mulvaney presser?

Did I just say “smart enough” and “Rick Perry” in the same sentence? That just tells you how ■■■■■■ up this administration is.

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Wasnt he supposed to be leaving in Nov already?

Or congratulating himself on negotiating the Turkey/Syria cease fire - a week after precipitating the slaughter of the Kurds and the collateral damage of the Christians in the region.

“And the third one is…ah…ah…I forgot. Oops.”

Doesn’t really belong here, but the thread I was going to post it in seems to be gone (!) , and now I don’t have the link…but Mulvany (sp) has already walked back his comments today, lol.

I was looking for that thread as well. Did it get deleted? If so, why? @Snow96

Seems so…

Wasn’t me. I havn’t been on in a while today.

Well, Perry already had his appearance on Dancing with the Stars. I wonder what’s next for him; The Voice?

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Who Wants to Be A Jailbird?

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Posts get deleted. Threads get deleted and sooner or later there is a lack of content on this site. The lack of current events on the front page indicates this site has reached that point.