BREAKING NOW: Senate Republicans Agree to ‘One Week Delay,’ FBI Probe into Kavanaugh | Sean Hannity

Republican leadership in the Senate agreed Friday to a “one week delay” to give the FBI time to investigate allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh dating back to the early 1980s.

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we will be there on 11/6 we will demolish the liberals, flake is a traitor

I can’t believe the Republicans caved in to the Democrats’ request. It’s just another delay to cook up more schemes against Judge Kavanaugh. You can bet it’s not about investigation, it’s to buy more time to block the confirmation and nothing else.

I can’t believe the republicans caved in again. This is just another delay tactic by the democrats. No matter what the FBI finds it won’t change any votes. I’m disgusted with the whole procedure. We should get a poll going to see who believes the Dems will stop crying in a week.

I agree with you. ALL republicans get out an vote!!!

I think that we should require FULL background investigations on U.S. Senators and Representatives, after all, once they take office they have access to sensitive and classified information. Having sexual misconduct in their past makes them vulnerable to compromise. Maybe we should start with Senator Booker, after all he boasted about groping a girl and grabbing her breast. We should definitely check out all of the other self-righteous saints on capital hill.

I can’t believe Democrats would politicize the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice. Have they no shame?

You need to read up on your history of the Supreme Court over the last 50 years. Teddy Kennedy came down on Judge Bork like Moses finding the golden calf. He was practically foaming at the mouth during his tirade.

i am eager to see what level of leftist scumbag hobag slimeball some porn whore lawyer dredges up from the gutter of society to make an absurd claim that feinstein will address and legitimize over the next week

she ll be so heroic.

There is only one way to get back at everything they have done to the Supreme Court Nominee Process, and that is to VOTE. If everyone takes 1 person with them to vote, what a tremendous impact that’ll have!

The FBI probe should be on Ford, not Kavanaugh. Her story is so obviously planned and scripted yet SWISS CHEESE. Dems most despicable group of people I’ve ever witnessed.

Ford is going to go to jail for a LONG LONG time after the FBI finds evidence she committed perjury.

To the Demonrats on the Judicial Committee and especially Jeff the Flake: You may not like what you wished for, when they look into Christine Ballsy Ford life. She and her attorneys could land in prison for perpetrating a fraud on the US Senate. She will also be subject perjury, since she was under oath for her testimony. I also think Frankenfienstein should brought before the Senate ethics committee for her ethics violations with that bogus letter.

I am all for what Flake did. I think the dems may have secretly wanted the vote Tuesday.

Imagine if the vote was taken on Tuesday and he was confirmed. In November every other add would have been of a woman stating about how she was groped by Kavanaugh and the republicans rushed to confirm and knowingly covered up his dirt. Look how evil they are. War on Women all over again. This way they have cover that he was investigated by the FBI and they found the case had no evidence to pursue. The Republicans look better by the average American Voter when they take the high ground.

Also, Ford could be charged with perjury and should be stating in her opening statement that she is a psychologist. She isnt. She just went to school but doesnt have the license. If a guy goes to law school, he cant advertise himself as a lawyer unless he passes the bar. That is what she did in her opening statement to the senate. They should issue a statement that they found her testimony to be false in such a basic part, that they can no longer trust her testimony in any other area.