BREAKING NOW: Sen. Susan Collins to Vote 'YES' on Judge Brett Kavanaugh

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Sen. Susan Collins unveiled her highly-anticipated decision regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh Friday afternoon; publicly confirming she intends to vote for President Trump’s nominee during a rousing speech on the Senate Floor.

Collins’ announcement ends weeks of speculation surrounding her critical vote after 11th hour allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh threatened to derail his confirmation process.

The GOP Senator was one of three lawmakers who requested the FBI re-open its background investigation into the potential Justice following the accusations; delaying the process for exactly one week.

The Senate will hold a full vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation as early as Saturday morning.

This is a developing story. Check back for more updates.

Kavenaugh accusers: he blacked out.
Kavenaugh: did not black out. He’s telling the truth bec accusers mix up passing out with blacking out. Passing out: become unconscious. Blacking out: not remembering situation at a later date.

I heard a good portion of her speech. If I didn’t know any different, I’d say she has bee reading my posts here on the issue.

I was like wow, yay for her very insightful speech until she cited Fiendstein in a positive light. I was waiting for her to say, “Psyche! just teasing!” But … oh well, she’s entitled to her opinion even though I would never agree about Fiendstein. Very glad on the Senator’s yes vote.