BREAKING NOW: Rep. Collins Releases James Baker's Congressional Transcripts

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Ranking GOP Member of the House Judiciary Committee Doug Collins released the Congressional testimony of former FBI general counsel James Baker Tuesday; shedding new light on the inner workings of the DOJ and the FBI leading up to the 2016 race for the White House.

“Mr. Speaker, I have released several transcripts of interviews from the Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the apparent wrongdoing at the FBI and Justice Department. Today, I am releasing another,” said Collins.

“The American people deserve transparency. They deserve to know what transpired in the highest levels of the FBI at the origin of the probe of President Trump’s campaign,” he added. “I will continue to work to release as many transcripts as possible, including the entirety of Mr. Baker’s interviews with the Judiciary Committee. The American people deserve the truth.”

Read the transcripts of Baker’s Congressional testimony here.