BREAKING NOW: Federal Judge Rules ‘ENTIRE’ Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional | Sean Hannity

A federal judge in Texas ruled Friday evening that key components of the Affordable Care Act -better known as Obamacare- were unconstitutional; saying the “entire health-care law” violates federal law.

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It’s been a long time coming.

However, all these “adrup” changes to healthcare over the past decade or so isn’t healthy either. Obama barged his plan in, and the Republicans are trying to just yank the plug. Any time that happens, people will get left behind. We need transition plans, migratory periods, and careful planning. We also need to deemphasize the industry in health care industry and actually start R&D in curing things, not treating something and billing someone until the day they pass. My aunt fell victim to that and I’m still bitter about it.

Has anybody read the Affordable Care Act. It forces you to pay a premium, sky high, to cover pregnancy, even for an older person, or just a guy. No wonder the premiums are sky high. At least Trump has offered alternate plans, must cheaper. The act is unconstitutional without the tax and only reason it passed in the Supreme Court, was Roberts saying it had a tax. Gone. Thank goodness. Dems upset, not when it is one of their judges against a Trump action.

The bottom line is healthcare will never be affordable when your doctors bill hundreds of thousands per day. In the short term, bring in Cuban doctors paid US$ 1000 per month on contract and set up state owned hospitals. Then give bursaries to American kids American kids who want to study medicine as longs as they give government twelve years postgraduate to work in public hospitals. Pay your hospital staff US$ 25,000 per month plus an allowance to buy a US$ 250,000 house, pay their medical and school fees. r

In short allow Cuban ten years to practice on a contract that requires them to return upon expiry; make it affordable to become a doctor by paying study costs to flood the market with doctors so there are many doctors to go to; put tariffs that doctors may not exceed for consultations.

That will solve your affordable healt care problems wthin twenty years.