Breaking news. Howard Schultz is stepping down

“You” libs?

I’m fiscally more conservative than you’ll ever be, now that you’ve hitched your caboose to the Trump Train. I believe in things that were once considered “conservative” like free trade, small government, reducing the debt and deficit, low taxes, and very little regulation.

Plus, I had no idea who this guy was until I looked him up.

Sure you are.

Thanks for agreeing, lib.

So you are a Libertarian and using Putin’s image for your icon. SMH.


I have never once ever heard such a thing suggested.

Yes, because I enjoy humor. I find it funny that Trump is Putin’s bitch.

I assure you that he’s not anymore than you are some sort of Zoroastrian divinity.


Are you certain?

  • Pulled out of Iran deal - good for Russia
  • Tariffs on EU - good for Russia
  • Agreed to drop sanctions on #2 aluminum manufacturer (Russian) - good for Russia

As of 6-04-18, I cannot think of anything Trump has done to not help Russia while distancing the US from our European allies (good for Russia).


He pulled out of a bad deal. It was not a treaty. With Obama’s deal in place, there was no verification and the sanctions on Iran were ended. In a sense the “deal” was a joke.

Trump is pulling out of bad trade deals. You are looking at the first chess move, not the end result. He wants access to China and Europe’s markets. They have tariffs on us. He wants them dropped. He gained leverage to do that.

Trump has signed onto new sanctions on Russia - bad for Russia.


The super rich CEO of Starbucks couldn’t run against Hillary? Bernie did it, before that Obama did it and beat her.

Airya actually is. He’s taken both parties to task for reckless spending, IIRC. You should try that too. It’s liberating to actually have principles that don’t fluctuate with whoever is in control of the gov.

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Yes. Bernie was cheated by the DNC. Did you forget already?


Ya see, when I stopped buying his products last year over his political stance on hiring 10,000 refugees stunt…now look. Just sayin……….:sunglasses:

I never heard it…cant be everywhere at once conan…

Any new sanctions will be toothless because no one will comply. We basically got nothing for pulling out of the deal, the other countries are still in. China, Russia, India, all saying they will ignore US sanctions.

He hasn’t pulled out of a single trade deal. All of his present trade negotiations were stalling, and the new tariffs will likely bring them to an abrupt end. All he did was piss everyone off.

He had to. Congress overwhelmingly voted to pass them. He was doing his best to not enforce them and took months to do so.

We will be refusing trade with countries that don’t comply. So China, Russia and India are all Iran supporters.

You don’t know Trump yet. Read up about the Hegelian Dialectic. It’s all about negotiating new trade deals and you don’t get it yet.


This is the most hilarious thing I’ve read all morning.

We will do no such thing. Refuse to trade with China, our economy collapses. Probably hurt pretty hard to stop trading with India.

Now people are just making stuff up.

Good one!

No you don’t.

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And why is that?
You made the statement: “Because you libs have brought up his name on several occasions to run for pres”.
I asked you when and where and you didn’t answer but rather insulted me.
I did a search on this site and found no reference to anyone here linking his name to a run for president.

No, he wasn’t. He was an independent who tried to join a club so he could receive more notoriety in his run, but he never paid his dues with that club and expected to be treated like someone who had spent their life working for that club.

And a Trump v. Bernie general would have ACTUALLY been a historic election for Trump. Bernie loses worse than Hillary did.