Breaking news. Howard Schultz is stepping down

Now they’re trying to make it that he’s stepping down on his own…maybe to advance his own political career. But don’t buy it.

Me thinks he’s being forced out with his handling of bathroom controversial.

So expect libs to make it out to be something different in their rush to promote him in 2020.

He is 64 and worth $2.5B. Maybe he just doesn’t want to work anymore and enjoy his life.

Serious question. Who? :thinking:

Starbucks founder.

Why is this in politics?

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Oh thanks. Never heard his name before.

Anyhow… interesting timing. I wonder how paying Starbucks customers like the stores now that they have been turned into places for loitering and homeless people?

I quit drinking their coffee years ago… way, WAY too strong.

Maybe because Starbucks decided to go political? Just a guess.

Because you libs have brought up his name on several occasions to run for pres.

That too. :wink:

Where? Here? I have never heard anyone say he should run.

Here’s why:

Everybody on the left coast likes Starbucks…


He’s been toying with the idea for about a year now…


I can’t help it if you’re politically challenged.

I’m on the left coast. I can’t stand Starbucks, simply because of the awful coffee they serve.

The rumors have been around for years…

He could not run against Hillary’s rigged party earlier. Make sense yet?


Hillary lost, get over it.

I had to be the first. :wink:

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I think you missed my point. Yes. Everybody knows Hillary lost. But even better, notice how the Republicans had 19 different candidates and the Dems only 2. Well, everybody now knows, the whole election primaries were rigged for Hillary. Why bother running against that?

Now that Hillary is gone, Schultz can go ahead and run as a Dem for President.

Don’t worry, I’m not going back, ever.

I wonder if there will even be a place for the Clintons at the 2000 dem convention.

I think you mean 2020 D convention? I certainly hope so. :grinning:

Especially after Clinton’s disaster of an interview on Today, in which he had a near melt down when asked about Monica. He’s clearly unrepentant all these years later, and his body language spoke volumes.

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Yes, 2020. :blush:

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