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This is a terrible idea… What is the point of banning transgender people from serving in the military

What the Republican majority on the court appears to have done is rule that no new transgender people can join the military until the issue of the status of transgender people in the military is resolved. This does not affect transgender people who are currently serving their country.

I can see how if you start from the premise that the government can discriminate on the basis of gender, you should ask people to wait until that premise is affirmed. I’m not saying its a valid premise; only that the court is trying to simplify an issue, pending resolution.

Early headlines that the Trump administration’s transgender ban have been upheld seem to be rushing without considering the facts.

Is this really an issue in the military? Can’t imagine that many men transitioning to female. As far as women transitioning to male, seems like that might be beneficial to the military.

The ban is a bone tossed to Trump’s base. It originated as a political ploy. The Pentagon never requested it.

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The Supreme Court merely stayed the District Court’s injunction pending appeals.

They denied certiorari before judgement, meaning they will not review the case fully until the Ninth Circuit finishes its appellate review.

It helps simplify what doesn’t need to be any more complicated than it already is.

Trump is cool… Transgender people have mental problems.

Because transgendered people are icky and yukky and mentally ill? The military is for real men only. You know, the kind who spit and swear and scratch their balls and smack women on the ass and make jokes about queers. That’s the real military! No need to Nancy up the place with transgenders and women.

/channeling today’s Republican party