Breaking: John Kasich supports trump’s impeachment

It’s about time. Hopefully he will make the right choice and primary fat donald.


Another enemy of the people. Get Yezhov on the phone.


Just another “Has Been”.

I will support the impeachment as soon as they hold a vote. I really dont care what “Has Beens” think about it. Just like I dont care what Lebron James thinks.

I car about what the congress thinks. If they feel that strongly about it, let them hold the vote. They wont, so they dont. It is all politics.

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I’m sure the Deep State in responsible.

I voted for Kasich in the primaries. I hope he runs again.


Not sure how this is a tougher decision to push for impeachment of Trump than impeachment of Clinton.


There is no impeachment… That’s fake news…

You’re correct. There’s currently an impeachment inquiry which will result in an impeachment vote in the House, most likely in December or January. :+1:

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I saw the Misfits in like 84… Saw Samhain in like 86 and Danzig a few times . :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. I’m jealous. Samhain is my favorite era. Especially this time of year. I was too young to see the early shows and Danzig’s first album hit when I was a freshman in HS. Changed everything. I did get to see the Samhain “reunion” shows though.


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I was in 6th grade but have an older brother so I was able to go to shows with him. Little did my parents know that I was more of a grown up at them time. hahaha

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Good for him but it doesn’t surprise and it doesn’t help much. We need sitting senators to speak up, not ex-governors.

Patience grasshopper.

The House is going to vote to impeach Trump.

Shocking. Someone who has made clear his Trump hatred for years is ready to jump on the “lets look into the impeaching Trump” proceedings (if it can be called a proceeding).

For personal political gain.

If a majority vote that way while representing thei constituency, than how is it personal?

You think the polling is that lopsided? What do Democratic representatives have to gain, personally politically, from an impeachment vote?

Could it be that they think he should be impeached? Just a thought. Other people do have different opinions, and it doesn’t have to be nefarious.

They will vote how their constituents want them to vote, ergo, personal political gain, or something something.

If they think it benefits them politically to vote that way then they are doing it for personal political gain. Haven’t you been following the accusations against Trump…that he was motivated by personal political gain because corruption involving Biden would benefit him?