Breaking: John Bolton wanted WH lawyers alerted to Ukrainian efforts, witness tells Congress

“I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking up,” - John Bolton

Folks, hold on to your hats. Fat donald’s tweeter tantrums are going to be epic.

Hill testified that Bolton told her to report the situation to the top lawyer at the National Security Council, John Eisenberg, according to the person in the room for Monday’s closed-door hearing. Bolton also was said to have referred to Giuliani as a “hand grenade.”

Rudy going to be fitted for orange pajamas the way this thing is going.


More select reporting from the star chamber. Yawn. Want me to care, open the doors and hold public hearings so I can hear it all.


Getting tough for you to defend this never-ending corruption, isn’t it?


Who would’ve thought Bolton was going to be the good guy in this cluster ■■■■ ?

“Giuliani’s a hand grenade”
-John Bolton


Trump is learning quickly that not everyone who worked for him is crooked like he is.


I did not have Bolton as the good guy in my stupid Watergate bingo card. :rofl:


It appears that at least 3 other staff members made a report to Eisenberg.
I wonder how much liability he will have if he did nothing with the reports. He should at least have made a report to Cipillone.


“In other news today, a local man was arrested after opening the doors to a Grand Jury and demanding he hear it all”


I can almost smell the cheeto stained fingers ready for the tweeter!

You know you done goofed when Bolton is the sane one…

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Good question.


Now is it sinking in how bad this is for the President?


Just for background did D Trump appoint Bolton?

Does it matter?

Bolton is now officially part of the deep state.

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Yes as it speaks to D Trump’s competence and in anticipation of D Trump’s tweet(s) questioning the character of Bolton.

You should really go read the impeachment inquiry resolution for Bill Clinton some time.

ThAt would be a yes.


Thanks for the confirmation. So any tweets of D Trump critical of Bolton should be analysed in the context of around March last year Trump chose Bolton to be his third Security Adviser.

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And that means he has to approve of every thing he does from that moment on?

Libs love john Bolton now pshhh!