Breaking: Jeffrey Epstein arrested in New York, charged with sex trafficking

Awesome news, thanks to the SDNY for their hard work and I assume they’re not finished by any stretch.
BTW, why in the hell does the US Sec of Labor Acosta still have a job?

ya gatta watch out for the “corruption” of those Jeffrey’s.

Just like Jeffrey Buzz Buzz:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: Bezos. The owner of Amazon, and one of the most richest men in the world, and a Democrat Donor, to Democrat Politicians, and their corruption and sickness as well.

Put them all in jail.


Wow this might be the first jefflection we’ve had here.


Good he should have been in jail years ago but the FL DA refused to do it.

Ken Starr must be crapping bricks right about now.

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Speaking of people named Jeff!

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Imagine hearing a story about a sex trafficker being arrested and your first thought is to attack the CEO of Amazon.


He’s very unfair to Trump…

Idk anything about jeff epstein… what’s the significance (beyond the charges) besides him being a billionaire?

Second post in the thread no less. You don’t waste time trying to change the subject.


He’s got friends in high places.


And Secretary Acosta. Not to mention I think Alan Dershowitz has an interest here too.

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It’s a sealed indictment (unsealed on Monday) and there are apparent co-conspirators.

If bezos has done something wrong…like broken laws…say so.

In light of Epstein arrest, this story from two weeks ago is worth revisiting: Trump Labor Department is weakening protections for victims of human trafficking.


Monday is going to be off the ■■■■■■■ charts.


The sad thing is even if Trump is named and there is pr8he will still be defended here and in the evening’s on Fox.


Even the Cons should be happy, as there’s a pretty high chance Bill Clinton is connected too.

Not as tightly as Trump and Dershowitz, but there’s a lot of powerful people wrapped up with this ■■■■■■■■ and I’d be ecstatic to see them all in Jail.