BREAKING: James Comey Under INVESTIGATION for Leaking Classified Memos | Sean Hannity

Disgraced former FBI boss James Comey is officially under investigation by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, IG Michael Horowitz revealed during Congressional testimony Monday.

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It’s about time.
BTW…watching Capital Hill hearings…
I had lotsa belly ache watching Lindsey Gramnesty
but today he did an AWESOME job taking apart Horrowitze’s report.
Great job Sen. Graham.
[multi thumb-up].

If the Inspector General has NO prosecutorial powers, then why is he doing the investigation since the other half, the Non-Swamp targets, haven’t been found to have worm-infested our government or worked with the Russians? Let’s turn the FBI, the real workers there, loose on these American traitors and finally get this done. Many in the FBI would like to turn tin cups on Comey, Clapper, and the Communist (3 C’s), now’s the time to let them prove it. Maybe that’s the way for the FBI to clean up the near fatal infection the upper echelon has brough on the Department.

PMA in my day was Positive Mental Attitude—now???—it is PROTECT MY ASX. Nothing will happen to clinton or any of their top people. THE DOJ AND FBI INVESTIGATED BY THE DOJ AND FBI----HELLO HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM

To add…
so did Kennedy and Lee.
Go get 'em tigers !!!

Another IG investigation? Since IG has no ability to prosecute what are steps to seating grand jury? Where is Judge Huber,and what is his role in all of this? Frustrated with the process, continued white washing, and delay, delay, delay.

This “matter”? “Matter”??? Wear have we heard that term before?
Oh yes… the Clinton Email “Matter”… I hope that’s not a preview of things to come.

The country doesn’t need another “Matter”… It needs Justice. Innocent or guilty is for the court to decide, but damn it, give them that day to try and explain it. The people don’t want words. They want action. Which btw liberals, is why we like Trump! Promises made, Promises kept.

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Absolutely NOTHING is going to happen to that weasel.

It’s all due to weakling like Sessions being where he has no business to be. If Giuliani were instead the head of DOJ heads would roll.