Breaking. Biden regime was hoping

bus them all to martha’s vineyard- let the nimbys do their thing again


If there are all these countries in central and South America that are oppressing people based on race or religion, then why are we not outraged at these countries?
Shouldn’t economic boycotts be organized against these countries until they stop all this oppression, like against South Africa?


…and DC. Just keep shipping them there until finally, Finally…FINALLY…they can “comprende”.


I see Biden regime and democrats are desperate trying to avoid the public from seeing massive amounts of illegals coming in.

They’re asking for emergency stay for judge last decision blocking Biden regime from releasing migrants without court dates.

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It would be great if the R controlled House put together an immigration bill, that actually addressed the problem. The last bill to pass any immigration laws was in the 80’s.

Things have changed… a lot…we need an update. Congress, do your damn job.

Did YOU know what was promised in 1980’s?


Whatever was or was not promised in 1986 is irrelevant today

We need a new bill.

We almost has one in 2013…but Bohner would not allow a vote. (it had already passed in the Senate)

Not until government fulfill that promise made.


which promise?

The 1986 amnesty was passed on the promise that thereafter immigration laws would be strictly enforced. We were tricked and lied to. We got the amnesty and not the subsequent enforcement.
And now we are supposed to,fall for a similar ploy again?
No new laws are necessary. Enforce the current immigration laws. Biden took an oath to enforce our laws when he became President.

Now if you are talking about a new law that ends this farce of fake amnesties, go for it. If Biden proposes such a law maybe he can recover in the polls.


The one that the democrats lied about. Maybe you need to talk to the liars you vote for and ask them why they did not do what they promised about shutting down the border. Because the fact is the GOP compromised and gave the left what they wanted, and the democrats lied to the GOP about shutting down the border.


To bad the Dems keep stopping bills.


Are they denying poor innocent oppressed asylum-seekers ?

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What has changed a lot since 1980 that the 1980s legislation would not fix if that legislation were applied consistently and impartially?

Including an energy policy that supported a Covid limping economy that would have flourished had it been left intact.
J’Biden’s handlers dismantled America’s energy independence initiating economic slowdown, inflation and the hostage taking of European countries by the likes of Russia for fuels.
What an ass


Once the Congress impeaches Biden, the Senate will most certainly not convict #46. That being said, it has to been done nonetheless.

Elections have consequences. If the Dems keep the Presidency in the 2024 General Election they will surely be emboldened to keep full court press on with masking “illegal” immigration until an amnesty deal is ultimately passed. However, if especially President Trump gets back in, the borders will not only be secured but the wall will be completed. Also imagine there will be massive amounts of deportations too…

There are a bunch of towns, cities, maybe in effect a couple of states in America claiming to be sanctuary cities…offering big giant virtue signals about how wonderful immigrants are…that they are really much better people than you and I and that we as a nation can’t survive without immigrants…

Personally I’d be fine if everyone crossing that border was shipped to San Fran or LA…NYC…

These places are all part of the problem anyway…let ‘em actually contribute to the solution.

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Once DC is absolutely to the point that no one has room left to walk on any sidewalks…then let’s fill these “sanctuary cities” and let’s see just how "V"irtuous they are, after they have to make personal sacrifices.


It would be really great if the buffoons you voted for hadn’t after inheriting the most secure border of our lifetimes with programs in place that were working …

If the lying trash in the Biden administration…Joe…Kamala, Mayorkas, garland, those useless fools…

If rather than walking into office and reversing everything that was working and then lying daily about “operational control” if the Biden trash would have done it’s damn job …

This is intentional…this is “we can take 2 million a year” Joe Biden actually exceeding expectations and bringing all those people to America on purpose.

Biden’s intentional destruction of the southern border should be impeachable…

And you folks need to drop the “it’s the republicans in congress” act…Biden and Obama both had the White House, the House and Senate and didn’t do squat.

The one person who did a good job securing the southern border with the help and cooperation and guidance of the border patrol was Donald Trump…

Congress my ass…this is on Joe Biden and his voters.