Breaking: Anonymous author of Trump ‘resistance’ op-ed to publish a tell-all book

Its always tomorrow

War is hell.

34 people indicted along the way were not given lollipops …

Your prediction about Republicans not putting principle before party apparently became true today with the Gaetz sideshow. It won’t be the last time.

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Gaetz, whom Bloomberg is reporting acted with Trump’s prior knowledge and approval is highlighting a fundamental problem: a large portion of the Republican Party has abandoned any pretense of concern about the rule of law. I asked the question in another thread of what Trump’s next line of defense would be. One answer: physical confrontation preventing the process of from moving forward.

The question this raises is whether there is a faction within the Republican Party that will stand for the rule of law or has Trump completely corrupted the institution. If the latter is the case we are truly in unchartered waters.

He clearly has those in Congress who will defend him no matter what is revealed. We can see it examples of it here where his supporters are in walled denial. The truth and reality is being ignored.


The truth yes, but not reality. Trump is in serious trouble and actions such as Gaetz and Friends disruption are signs of recognizing that the options to defend Trump are limited.

What an incredibly infantile nasty partisan display!

Obese Donald has trained his nasty minions well!

That was far worse than any Sarah Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant, or a Maxine Waters cajoling constituents to confront their Representatives.

We already knew Hellter Stelter was writing a book. It will be a collaboration between all CNN’s “reliable sources”, who also brought us the Hillary-Steele dossier.

The guys who went all in on Trump are fighting for their political lives too.

It’s like they’re all interchangeable. No special qualifications needed. One could say like human scum.

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Faustian bargains are usually bad deals.