Brandon's Lying about US oil production dropping during his admin

Brandon policy changes has dropped oil production on the us by about 1 million barrels a year from 12 to 11 million.
Here’s a video from today where Fox goes over the claim they wrote for Biden to utter in a microphone. The videos goes over oil production with real sources in the fist couple of minutes. Oil production from the last part of Trump and before covid also.

This isn’t true in the slightest.

The 12 mbpd was before COVID.

COVID wiped out oil production.

It has since risen again…it hasn’t hit its former high but is forecast to do so very soon.

But the difference between the high production level and level now was not caused by Biden’s policies.


I believe this year and next year are already predicted to be the highest production ever for the US.

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So…would opening more leases on federal land result, over time, in more oil production or not?

Brandon lies, yes. Every ■■■■■■■ time he opens his mouth to be exact.

Nowhere near as much as you think it might. Most prime oil is on private lands, not federal.

It might but I am addressing in this post the inaccuracy of the opening post in trying to claim the difference between the previous high point in oil production and production now is due to Biden’s policies when it is not.

And new discoveries have been trending downward for some time, which is why I at the peril of being branded a communist will keep mentioning the limits to growth we are butting up against. Getting past those limits (if it is indeed possible to do so) requires a total rethink, not just “drill baby drill”.

Why haven’t we hit pre covid production yet? Seems like that should be the goal before lol companies start claiming that Biden is stifling their growth

Covid hysteria

because drillers are having a hard time raising capital to drill. after the banks got hurt when oil collapsed during covid they became reluctant to lend to drillers who had a long history of boom/bust cycles. they are still leery of drilling.

us oil production teh week biden took office
10,9 M
production last week
11.6M barrels
it seems biden isnt the one lying

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The fact that so many companies involved in oil production in the United States are zombie companies ought to be screaming out to people as to the silliness of the notion that all we have to do is drill baby drill.

in addition teh number of rigs drilling for oil is up over 60% y/y

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Part of the “green grab”
Oil bad, batteries good.


Uhh bought gasoline, diesel or propane lately? Seen the cost of a barrel of oil on the markets?
Wouldn’t you up production?

The most hilarious part about green energy is that the vast majority of it comes from burning carbon materials into CO2, including rail ties, diapers, plastic, rubber chips, etc…

And that’s not even including the millions of tons of green wood being burned along with it. :rofl:


Ruh roh…

yes it was. production is lower in 2021 than it has been since 2017.

Peak weekly US oil production 13.1 million barrels a day. So you are bragging about the US still being 2.2 million barrels a day below peak production.

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