BRAIN FREEZE: Record Setting LA ‘Heat Wave’ Likely Caused by ‘FAULTY’ Thermometers | Sean Hannity

The record-smashing “heat wave” that struck the Los Angeles area over the last several days may not have been as hot as previously thought, with a local meteorologist saying “faulty weather stations” rendered the data “worthless.”

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And that’s the truth about climate science. The individual data points have to argued over. The idea that temp meters having been put in increasingly industrial and urban area as a major cause of the data shifting up wards is not new at all.

But Sean, it doesn’t agree with their narrative, so something must be broken. Not that they would ever consider what’s broken is their mental health.

How did I miss the first time around. The National Weather Service and NOAA was so embarrassed by pictures of monitoring stations in hot spots and being blasted by jet wash, that they restricted public access to them. This report doesn’t surprise me at all.