BRAIN FREEZE: Las Vegas Slammed with First SNOWSTORM in More than 10 Years | Sean Hannity

Residents and tourists on Las Vegas’ famed Strip awoke Tuesday to find more than two-inches of snow blanketing Sin City; the worst winter storm to hit the region in more than a decade.

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This must be an example of Al Gore’s global warming. Oh wait, they are calling it generic ‘climate change’ now. In the mid 70’s they said a new ice age was starting. Then it became global warming in the late 80’s and 90’s. They refuse to admit that ,historically, the planet’s climate is always changing. Al and company just have to find some way to keep blaming it on us.

I’m writing from Henderson right now. I’m 8 miles from the las vegas sign. There is no snow here nor has there been any snow. It did snow some in summerlin, a neighborhood of Las Vegas but the rest of the city and valley, just rain.