Boys win girls indoor Connecticut track meet

Okay folks. I checked the date this time. And I’m pretty sure this story is current. :woozy_face:

It appears that the first and second place “winners” of the girls state 55 meter dash were boys. And what do I mean by boys? The same thing that everybody in the world meant two years ago. Before we decided that anyone who wanted to, could simply declare themselves to be girls. And voila, it’s true! For over a million years we knew what a boy or girl was, Now, suddenly, it’s become fuzzy. On a positive note. What these two so called “girls” have done is to convince hundreds of others who trained hard for their shot and been denied to become conservatives. Nice work “girls!” You should be proud!

They can identify as whatever they want and I’ll support their right to that, but it’s a fact that boys have more muscle mass and different bone structures. I kind of doubt that all goes away with whatever medical procedures they may or may not have had or are going through.

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This isn’t surprising, considering sex reassignment surgery and other treatments to transition must be covered by health insurance policies in Connecticut.

They can call themselves women all they like. But, as indicated, what they already have as a man’s greater height & muscle mass won’t change.

My thoughts exactly. As long as their rights do not impose on the rights of others, I couldn’t care less. Call yourself a girl if you must. I will too if it makes you happy. But if you are a male, don’t pat yourself on the back for crushing females in a track meet.


Actually men have more muscle mass than women because men produce more testosterone. That production goes away with sex reassignment surgury.


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These two are transgendered not trans sexual. Which means they are simply boys who have declared themselves to be girls.

Ah. Then I agree with you.

This is one of the reasons HC insurance is so expensive because it’s mandated by BIG government to include everything from abortion to sex change procedure in all policies, so basically everyone who buys health insurance pays for it!

HC insurance companies need to be deregulated along with tort reform and that would solve the HIGH cost of health care. GET RID of the middle man (HC ins) between patient and doctor.


Ho-lee crap. Maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket! :astonished:

That was my question. So nothing physical has been changed. This is a girl trapped in a boys body or vice-versa.

They shouldn’t even be allowed to compete as girls in physical events.


I have no problem with transexuals allowed to compete with girls, but transgendered allows for an unfair advantage.

I believe that most people who are liberal or conservative feel as you do. With there being a large agreement here, how is something like this even permitted to happen? I don’t get it.

I dont either, honestly. International competitions like the Olympics dont allow it and “test” female athletes.

This is some actual PC gone wild.

I had thought insurers in just half a dozen states offered—much less were mandated to cover—sex reassignment surgery. Looks like I’m mistaken

Although I do believe infertility as a medical condition is still covered in just a dozen states (my state of residence being one, altiI don’t think many policies cover IVF.

Is abortion a covered service?

I’ll look it up, but yeah, way too many don’t seem to understand that the more conditions & elective procedures are covered, the higher it will cost to buy health insurance—particularly small business employers for their employees.

I think part of it is the fear of being labeled as homophobic. I’m remembering something about a lesbian working with a gay rights organization in Baltimore. She came out in opposition to girls having to compete against boys and lost her job. Same with tennis great Martina Navratilova. She’s commented against it and is taking a lot of flak over it.