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Good post Janet !!!

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While I was floored by this guy’s laughing as his classmates cried, he is on the same page with regards to one issue and I don’t like the way he was insulted by both the teacher and two nursing students.

He was brought up Catholic and does not support Roe v Wade, which was struck down by the U S Supreme Court Friday. He was insulted as an “oppressive white male” while all sorts of dirty talk ensued about how “if abortion is illegal, men should get vasectomies.”

After years living here I’ve learned to read the first two lines of the Miranda Warning and remain silent. I told him later I was changing my name to Misfit Central as I really do not support the majority POV here, especially on this issue.

I’m keeping my right to remain silent unless the group is making fun of him tomorrow, when he isn’t even there, then I’m letting loose, and if that means I’m out of the class, so be it. What sort of educator mocks her students, whether they’re present or not?

I’m having more doubts about the second job being for me, don’t think personality wise I’m a good fit, a bit too shy, and chemically sensitive. Nursing homes have their share of both natural and man made odors, including heavy use of scented products.

I’m afraid having to use such products, for example, the scented lotion provided for residents after bathing, would increase migraines.

Maybe the purpose of a second gig is to remind one the first gig maybe isn’t so bad.