Boston gangster James 'Whitey' Bulger killed in West Virginia prison a day after

James “Whitey” Bulger was killed at the United States Penitentiary Hazelton in West Virginia, a high security facility.

No details released yet, but I would be almost certain that it was a mob hit. Bulger had just been transferred to that facility the day before, so it must be wondered if somebody on the inside was leaking information to the mob.

Should be interesting.

Interestingly, he was incarcerated since his conviction at USP Coleman II, a high security facility in Florida and a facility known for being very orderly and relatively free of violence. There was no plausible reason to move him to Hazleton, a facility known for violence and a facility that has already had two homicides this year.

To be moved for no good reason and to be killed the day after his arrival does point to inside collusion.

A federal prosecutor speaking about it this morning seemed very pleased with Bulger’s violent death.

I would be very surprised if this was not an inside job.

that is interesting.

Their excuse, which I ain’t buying, is that he threatened staff at Coleman II. Prisoners threaten staff all the time. Solitary confinement is the general remedy for that. And if a member of the staff was thought to be in real danger, the BoP would not have sent him to Hazleton, not by a long shot. They would have sent him to Terre Haute, Florence High, Florence ADX or a couple of other well regarded facilities.

And he was in the general population when he was killed, just the day after he arrived. That is NOT BoP standard operating procedure. Generally an inmate is held out of the general population for a week or two. Dropping somebody into the general population on arrival at a new facility is not standard practice.

The fact that he was sent from a highly regarded facility to a facility known for violence and his immediate transfer into the general population tends to reinforce the idea that somebody inside the BoP was in cahoots with the killer. The killer, btw, hated snitches, was familiar with Bulger and knew Bulger was a snitch and evidently had immediate access to Bulger.

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The killer was a Bostonian too, right? Must have been the sweetest minute of his life.

Yes, he was a part of the Boston mob.

“This is for !!! …[says 37 names]”

I don’t think the murderer gave a **** about Bulger’s victims. He himself was a Mafia hitman and likely has a bunch of dead Bostonians to his own credit.

Oh, I was referring to the number of mob men Bulger rubbed out. Not to mention (probably) ratted out, at some time or another. Bulger always considered the Italians to be a disease infesting Boston. I’m sure this mafia hitman couldn’t believe the opportunity he was given.

That’s true. People hate a snitch.