Boris Johnson moved to intensive care coronavirus

Wouldn’t stick this in politics but this is defiantly the biggest politician to fall to the disease from my understanding someone can correct me he wasn’t in the hospital and then went back for they said was routine check and persistent effects of the virus now he is in intensive care. Prayers to him and his family and to the great people of Great Britain.

On a side note anyone who followed my story with having the virus, I have been better for awhile now and am not having anymore symptoms but made and appointment for a checkup after reading that it is giving some people a mysterious heart disease.

Maybe I should have just put this in the politics section just felt bigger being the PM of G.B.

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Where is this info? Existing high blood pressure or diabetes is said to be more of a risk.

I didn’t see anything listed about that on the BBC it said his original symptoms were a high fever and cough. He was brought back into the hospital from advice from his doctors and was placed in intensive care. Conscious but condition has worsened over the course of the afternoon.

There not listing much information on it.

He’s an almost sixty year old smoker who inexplicably went into a COVID ward and shook everyone’s hands after bragging about how he was going to do it. That’s borderline insane.

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Very sad and not good at all.

According to a report by the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC), the mortality rate for patients admitted to intensive care in the UK with a confirmed case of coronavirus is almost 50 percent. If put on ventilator chances of survival goes down a whole lot more.

Didn’t know he was a smoker, I knew he was 55. It’s not a good sign having to get out in intensive care after 10 days. I had zero symptoms after day 5-6. I am counting myself lucky now at the time I dismissed it because my symptoms were so mild and I thought it was only the elderly at risk of death, since then data has been showing that isn’t 100% the case now.

Didn’t know he was a smoker.

That was a foolish act of germ bravado.

Yup. Idiot.

It’s real bad. Knowing what the reaction would be, anything short of fearing he needed to be put on a ventilator posthaste, they wouldn’t have admitted him to the ICU.

Boris is back in charge and not before time.

Even my family members Back home who are not Tories were glad to see Boris assuming leadership again.

Listening to Boris talk this morning made me realize how the US really is leaderless at its highest level.

I like Boris, we’re in a weird spot here. A vote for Biden to a lot of us isn’t an upgrade. It’s not like JFK, Obama, or Reagan is waiting on the sidelines to be put in the game over here. Glad to see your PM back in good health.

Yeah I know what you mean. Looks like Biden is shaping up to be a problematic candidate.

Boris is an habitual liar but I am glad he is in number 10.

JFK was weak and Reagan wasn’t no peach.

The thing about Boris is everything about his public persona is fake.
he has more incommon with Tony Blair then the average Brit.

Where did you meet him?

the dude attended a 50,000$ a year elite middle school.

I couldn’t think of any other past presidents of the last 50 years worth putting in that list.

Very true. He has a carefully cultivated persona as a bumbling bon vivant and he is anything but that.

Everything in his political career has been planned And deliberate. His political enemies and rivals always underestimate him.

One good thing about the pandemic is the NHS has once again cemented itself as a cornerstone of British society and Johnson has a new appreciation for it.

Sounds familiar. Bad hair and all.

Dude is one of the smartest people in the room, only act dumb so people won’t take him serious as a threat till its to late, he didn’t simply stumble his way into becoming Prime Minster.