BORDER CRISIS: Feds Arrest 650 MIGRANTS Along Arizona-Mexico Border in TWO DAYS | Sean Hannity

With thousands of American troops deployed to the United States’ southern border with Mexico in recent weeks, US Border Patrol Agents in Arizona have arrested at least 650 migrants in just two days.

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No one should be surprised. The people in these countries have been told, by the leftist Democrats here, that they have a god-given right to live and work in our country any time they wish. Our laws mean nothing to them. We might as well make all of Central America North of Panama plus Mexico, part of the United States. If course, that would mean that we could go in and clean out all of the drug gangs and criminal groups.

Don’t you think we should “clean out all of the drug gangs and criminal groups” in the United States first?

And there is no threat to our country? I don’t understand how politicians can get away with all the things they are doing? Sanctuary Cities, States, ignoring immigration laws, making ridiculous laws like catch and release, lottery systems for immigrants, chain migration to name a few. Why are our “leaders” allowing this stuff to happen? Haven’t they taken an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States? Yet they spend much of their time doing the exact opposite. Many say they aren’t for open borders but their actions are the exact opposite.