BORDER CHAOS: Second ‘Migrant Caravan’ Makes its Way Towards US Border | Sean Hannity

A second migrant caravan encompassing thousands of Central American workers slowly made its way towards the United States’ southern border with Mexico this week; setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown with the Trump administration and immigration officials.

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If they are asylum seekers, shouldn’t they be seeking asylum in the country closest to the border of their homeland? Remember when Obama was on a trip to Central America and was asked for help with problems, he replied that “it is not something we do.” That is why they are coming in droves now. We didn’t help ten years ago.

They automatically get asylum from Mexico when they enter there i bet the democrats are behind this new caravan hoping to stir up there base and try to make there blue wave happen like now all of a sudden they care about these people and the so called dreamers