BORDER CHAOS: DHS Confirms Arrest of 3,000 Migrants in 24 HOURS

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A high-ranking official with United States Customs and Border Protection confirmed this week that federal authorities arrested over 3,000 individuals at the US-Mexico border in a single, 24-hour period.

According to the Washington Times, Kevin McAleenan -the commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection- told Congressional leaders Tuesdasy that his agency has detained thousands after the ‘migrant caravan’ arrived in Tijuana weeks ago.

“The government snared more than 3,000 illegal immigrants in just one day last week,” writes the Times. “More than 1,100 of those caught either jumping the border or trying to come through a border crossing without permission were children, either traveling alone or with parents, and forced on the treacherous journey.”

“It is indeed both a border security and a humanitarian crisis,” McAleenan told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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