Border at breaking point...It's a Nat'l emergency


No. They are on American soil once they cross the border. Then it’s catch and release. We need to prevent that.


They have to be on American soil to apply for asylum. Does the law allow removing them from our country while asylum proceedings are underway?


Fortunately for me, while the dems fiddle fart around for years, trying to decide if they should charge President Trump, he is appointing a huge number of federal judges. This will go to the supreme court. I like our odds.


Yeah, I’ll be happy to update you the outcome of this lawsuit…


You are correct,


Your shortsightedness has left you in the position of thimking that Republican appointed judges will rule the way you think they will. To which i point out the ACA ruling. Remember Roberts? That hasnt changed. And if you believe it has then i dont care to hear a peap about how justices should rule based on the constitution and not ideology. Its about as stupid as thinking those labeled as liberal judges dont rule based on the same constitution.

Me personally. I think chief justice will whip his judges into shape as he seems to recognize the courts place.


That would be excellent! You are always so accommodating.


I may be short sighted, but you are blind as a bat (yeah, I know bats are not really blind).


Well, you go ahead and do the research to where Congressional money was moved by an Emergency declaration. I’ll wait. IT’S NEVER HAPPENED.


To say the GOP had total control for the last two years is not telling the whole story. That whole story is the GOP had total control over the house for the last two years and had a GOP president.
Now for the whole story in the senate the GOP did not have 60 members so the truth is nothing was going to get passed in the senate without a few Democrat’s crossing the aisle. So, you could say that nothing got done about the border because the Democrat’s don’t want stop the flow of illegals. If they did they would have crossed the aisle.
The last time the dems held 3 branches the only reason they got something done was because they didn’t need any GOP votes in the senate. When they knew they were going to lose that 60 vote cushion they used every trick in the book to get the ACA passed before the new GOP senate members were seated.
It’s like you all think the voters forget what happened just a few short years ago. And it seems that you all are forgetting what happened two years after Obama got elected. If I remember correctly the democrats got smoked in the midterms.
It seems the same story keeps getting played on your side too and you just keep voting for democrats and think it’s going to be different next time.
Maybe it’s time you learned that we are getting played by both sides. But we know you won’t.
And here I thought the left was the more voter’s the better and we have you telling GOP voters they shouldn’t even vote I guess the only people you want to vote are those the pull the lever for the left.


Im not blind. Ive watched the rulings come down in the past several years, i know what to expect. Do you?


Pretty sure the correlation would be relative prosperity and job availabiity in the US v. economic and social conditions in Central America.
After the 2009 recession, border control was no doubt a lot easier.
What do you think the difference has been?

As far as blaming Trump for his actions on border security, Federal Judges seem to like to take control there so I wouldn’t exactly call it Trump’s border security.


See: Rand Paul reportedly to vote against Trump declaring national emergency at border

“Sen. Rand Paul reportedly announced that he won’t support President Trump declaring a national emergency at the southern border — appearing to push the U.S. Senate toward rejecting the move.”

Also see: CBP Reports Over 76,000 Unauthorized Border Crossings in February

March 05, 2019

”More than 76,000 migrants crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without authorization in February, breaking records for the fourth time in five months. Border enforcement authorities warned Tuesday that the border is hitting a breaking point: Government facilities are full and agents are overwhelmed. The numbers from February are more than double than levels from the same period last year. “The system is well beyond capacity, and remains at the breaking point,” Kevin K. McAleenan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told reporters.”

It is absolutely stunning that while our southern border is being invaded by tens of thousands of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, disease carrying and criminal foreigners from Central America, and American citizens are suffering the devastating social and economic impact of such an invasion, we have Republican members in Congress who pretend there is no invasion and they refuse to assist our president in repelling said invasion.


It was February of 2019 when an ongoing invasion of America’s borders swelled to tens of thousands a month, not a shot was fired to defend the borders of the United States, and America’s domestic enemies, some socialists, communists and anarchists in Congress, pushed forward with their attempt to continue the invasion in hopes of conquering a prosperous and freedom loving people.


You think shots should have been fired? Weird.


How many of these are asylum seekers? How would a wall address asylum seekers?


What invasion? You act like we have never experienced a caravan of migrants before.

Migrants have to be physically present in the US to turn themselves in to the authorities


Yes folks this is the “invasion” we are kidnapping children and putting them in completely unregulated detention centers for… yeeep nothing wrong with nationalism alright…


I still don’t understand this.

They’re no longer in the country from which they seek asylum. Mexico has taken them in. They no longer need asylum from the perils of their own country.


Has mexico taken them all in?


They’re not in Guatemala or wherever else they came from.

They’re there. Mexico let them be there. “Taking them in” is Mexico’s issue to deal with. If Mexico doesn’t want them there, Mexico can act to prevent them from being there.

They’re out of the perils of Honduras (or wherever) when they’re on that side of our border. Their reason for seeking asylum is gone.