BOOKER: If You’re Not ‘DEEPLY DISTURBED’ by Trump You Don’t ‘LOVE’ America | Sean Hannity

Liberal senator and possible 2020 hopeful Cory Booker lashed-out at Trump supporters Wednesday, telling a packed audience if you’re not “deeply disturbed” by the direction of the country then you don’t “love” America.

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Crying Chuck showed this yesterday when he came out and stated that WE gave away everything and that N Korea did not give up one thing. This is what he said we gave away vs. N korea.

        "WE" GAVE AWAY                                                                 N KOREA GAVE AWAY
  1. face to face meeting 1. no A bombs set off since last December

  2. displayed N Korea flag next to ours 2. not one missile sent over Japan and or Guam

  3. stopped S Korea war games 3. no threat to bomb America

                                                                                      4. American prisoners sent home---did not cost one penny

When a party wants a war to get back into power—THEY THE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS—are the biggest threat of war that exists today.

Talk about unhinged.

Here we have another militant loud mouth elected by those depending upon others in New Jersey to lobby for their free benefits while riding the backs of hard working, tax paying Americans. Like a Music Box Monkey, little Corey Booker will bounce around hoping to be recognized for doing absolutely nothing elevating himself as a community justice warrior for reelection purposes. Similar to the little Music Box Monkey, the Democratic Party like the Music Box Maestro, controls the action. Booker is a loud mouth who voices opinions, criticizes others while never receiving results. As with the Democrats modus operandi to never allow a crisis go to waste, blame others while never achieving anything and appear as if he’s a working representative of the people. Tell us little Corey, what have you did worthwhile for your community and district since you’ve been in office? Have you accomplished minor tasks such as street, road and sidewalk repair? How many proposed or bills have you created and had passed since your tenure other than taking extended vacations and working three days a week for your district. How about explain to your constituents why you voted yourself a pay raise while they are struggling to put food on their tables or why you need subsidies for your health & dental plan after voting to penalize the American people with a tax for Obama care failure? Stop being a token Music Box Monkey Booker and actually work for those who at one time had confidence in you. America must be disturbed by you not President Trump who is actually working for America, all the people.

It’s absurd that both mainstream parties are appealing to jingoism to advance their positions. All political questions are being boiled down to who loves America more. It’s the emptiest display of political discourse.