BOOKER GOES OFF: Cory Warns of ‘CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS’ Over Trump’s Court Pick | Sean Hannity

Democrat Senator Cory Booker unloaded on President Trump’s nominee to join the Supreme Court late Monday evening; saying Judge Brett Kavanaugh would likely be the Commander-in-Chief’s ‘get out of jail free card’ should he be confirmed.

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This proves Booker doesn’t know a few things. For example, So far there is no evidence of wrong doing on the part of Trump. Even if he were indicted he would be impeached by the Congress and convicted by the Senate, You don’t appeal a conviction from Congress to the Supreme Court, Booker is supposed to be an attorney? This is nothing but a show being played out to delay the conformation.

Booker needs to go back to school and actually study what is in the Constitution along with the Federalist papers and the other writings by the actual people who wrote our Constitution.