BOOKER BASHES USA: Cory Says ‘Things Are SAVAGELY WRONG’ in America | Sean Hannity

Hyper-liberal senator and potential 2020 candidate Cory Booker publicly trashed the United States this week, saying “things are savagely wrong” in America and called on people to “reject the normalcy of injustice.”

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He’s right - it is the first time in our history that there has been an active #Resistance to a duly-elected President organized by the incompetent boob who was his predecessor and enabled by active participation from the mainstream media.

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Yes, there is something seriously wrong in America. We tolerate leftist ideologies from treasonous people. While Macarthy was slightly too zealous in his endeavors, he was right about the problem of a communist infiltration within our government. The DemocRat party has long been filled with communists. History makes that very clear from the early times of Marxism , to supporters of the Bolshevik Revolution in our own government, through the time of the 30s up to present. General Smedly Butler USMC uncovered a plot to overthrow our nation. The list of leftists over the past 100 years in our nation’s government is quite extensive. Our founding Fathers would have sent many to the gallows by now for the crime of treason.

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The only thing that is savage is the Democrat Party and their politik of hate, and racism. Booker is still in office.

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Pointing out that things are wrong in a country is not trashing the country. Its the first step in fixing what is wrong.

Booker is right: Trump is savagely wrong.

What’s wrong with pinting out thrills and then Making America Great. Again.

What does MAGA mean, anyhow? That America isn’t currently great?

For everyone that feels America has hurt them, America is no better than any other country, please pack up your bags & board the next plane to any destination you feel is better - Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Africa, Iran, Mexico are just a few areas you may be interested in. I love how offended everyone is anymore…even those that have never truly known what it is to hurt, to not have, to suffer…It’s disgusting…

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Why don’t we try to fix the problems we have in this nation (every country in the world has problems that need fixing) rather than trying to pretend everything is perfect here.

Why is it we constantly hear from insane leftists and radicals about how bad America is? While their only suggestion for ‘improvement’ is recommending more and worse pathways to a future shlt hole often just like where they came from.
Yet we never hear from the globalist owned fake news media any REAL uplifting truth.

Can you say “Globalist Agenda”? Search Agenda 2030.pdf Read about the NWO intended genocide of billions they are calling “sustainable development”.

The last election was the beginning of fixing the problems. :roll_eyes:

The current Democrat Party and liberals in this country want to change it into a Socialist country and that is a HUGE problem and something that will never happen!