BOOKER BACKLASH: RNC Chair RIPS ‘Pathetic’ Cory Over Kavanaugh Hearings | Sean Hannity

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel unloaded on Sen. Cory Booker Tuesday, slamming the New Jersey legislator for using “crocodile tears” to fundraise off President Trump’s pick to join the Supreme Court.

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McDaniel must have been loaded. There were no “crocodile tears” coming from Senator Cory Booker.

I watched it and there certainly were no tears. Lots of mega (or is it MAGA now) hypocrisy on the Republican side of the aisle as Senator Chuck “mule headed” Grassley et al made it clear that the Democrats sitting on the panel were nothing more than place holders all for the pretense and show of a bipartisan confirmation hearing on Kavanaugh.

All the display of Grassley and Blumenthal and others squaring off to see who had the biggest Richard in regards SCOTUS nominee hearing experience nearly convinced me that we need artificial term limits.