Bolsonaro Wins Brazil Presidential Election

Pretty predictable who would come and support this guy :rofl:

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What’s so wrong with Bolsonaro? He sounds like someone a lot of Trumpers would like.


You answered your own question. :slight_smile:

Well it’s mostly just clips of bolsorano saying crazy things.

Like saying to a female congresswoman: “You don’t deserve to be raped. You’re too ugly”

Sometimes it’s okay to get information from sources or people you know have a different political perspective than you. Dare I say, gasp, it may even be healthy for us.


Sometimes its not best to form your opinion of a new foreign leader based on a left wing comedian with a history of cherry picking the facts he likes and discarding the rest.

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Did you read that?

“I have no doubts – I would begin the coup on the very first day! And I am sure that at least 90% of the people would commemorate or give me an ovation. The Congress today is good for nothing, they only vote in favor of the president’s projects. If he is the person who makes the decisions, who calls the shots, who laughs at the Congress, then start the coup at once, and let’s make this a dictatorship”

That’s Bolsonaro in the 90’s. Brazil just took another step towards fascism.

Unite the right.

Sometimes the cherries are picked because everybody should be able to agree they’re big ■■■■■■■ cherries.


He is not talking about the US Congress. Do you really know enough about Brazilian politics in the 90s to evaluate that statement, or enough about the totality of Blsonaro to judge the total context?
Did he actually lead a coup? Seems to me he was just elected democratically by 56% of the voters.
Good grief. Are we not only going to have the US left reject the legitimate results of our election but to reject the democratic choices of non leftist countries throughout the world?

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Ya but it’s a lib making fun of a foreign rightwinger. Must defend.

Hey look at the Trumpers here tripping over themselves to defend a fascist piece of utter garbage.

Come on, who’s really surprised?

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But its jon oliverrrrrrrrr

Fascism is finding fertile ground of late.

Oh wait, nevermind…fascism is leftist. No such thing as right-wing fascism.

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I am repeatedly told that 90% of what our president says are simply “jokes”, suddenly humor is not acceptable?

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I’ll actually defend Doug here. Doug isn’t defending him. Doug doesn’t know anything about him. Doug just doesn’t want to learn anything about Bolsonaro from John Oliver, because Oliver is a liberal. That’s basically where we are.


Yes, he was elected democratically. That doesn’t change the fact that Brazil just elected a man who has praised Brazils former military dictatorship and has previously stated he would like a return to it.

Do you know that that Brazilian police in the last few weeks, have been going into schools and universities and have been interrogating students and professors, seizing material that is anti-fascist and pro-democracy in nature?

This man has praised Pinochet, the Chilean dictator, and has said Pinochet should have killed more people. I expect things to go south real fast within the next 5 years.

I ain’t ever join a liberal in makin fun of crazy foreign fascists!!! What would i tell grandma??

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Why I’m I not surprised?

Looks like Brazil is going the way of Venezuela, good times.