BLUE STATE BLUES: More Americans FLEE NEW JERSEY Than Any Other State in the Nation | Sean Hannity

More Americans are packing their bags and fleeing New Jersey than any other state in the nation; according to new data released by United Van Lines.

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It’s no really surprising, when states like New Jersey and New York are trying to compete with California and Washington as the liberal, socialist bastions of the nation. This time, when they go bankrupt, we need to let them go down the drain instead of bailing them out like we have before.

People vote in these state ruining politicians, then wonder why everything is going to Hell in a hand basket.
I wouldn’t be so bothered with people waking up and moving, but my problem with it is, they don’t check their Democrat/liberal mentality at the state line, and instead wind up bringing the same voting decisions that ruined their home state to begin with. Like all the Californian refugees fleeing to Texas, and turning that state blue.

I don’t blame these people for leaving…I left RI, a solid “blue” state…high taxes, welfare etc. I moved south upon retirement and am living quite comfortably due to a lower cost of living. I welcome my brothers and sisters to do the same…but ask them to leave their politics behind…lesson learned…don’t bring that “disease” to a clean state.

The California refugees went to Denver first and screwed up Colorado, then spread their disease to Arizona and New Mexico. Now they are taking over Texas like a swarm of locusts. It’s too bad we can’t isolate them and keep them quarantined to the states they have already infected.