Bloomberg News: European gas/elec prices at $1,000/barrel equivalent

Well well now. I realize we don’t have that much direct rade with Europe anymore, but I think this might spell trouble fr the US too somehow.
From the article

“European power prices have soared so much that they’re now equal to more than $1,000 per barrel of oil. A gas crunch is the main driver – with Russian supply cuts pushing the fuel’s price to about 13 times its seasonal norm – while heat waves and drought boosted electricity demand and cut hydro and nuclear output. Coal-fired plants may offer little relief, since that commodity has hit a record.”

maybe they should have listened to trump


They will break on the sanctions if this doesn’t ease, vast amounts of people can’t afford that.

Mix in energy prices with their other problems (their economists and central bankers learned from the wrong textbooks ours did) and you get 18.6% inflation in the UK.

Man, we should have invested in wheelbarrows.

ain’t gonna be pretty here this winter either

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Another example of government stupidity where they create a bigger problem than the one they’re claiming to solve. How many times do “we” have to witness this, before we understand that our federal government is out of control.

Hey government, do you want to have a positive impact on global warming? Simply disallow any product manufactured elsewhere in an environment that does not meet our pollution standards if produced here, to be sold here…and it really is that simple.