Bloomberg has a problem, it's Bloomberg

Let’s see how he manages to square this with minorities whom he must rely on to win the democratic nomination.

This is from a 2015 meeting in which Bloomberg is addressing crime and how to deal with it in NYC.

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He already admitted to it and owned it. Next.

And how is that going to help him with minorities which he has to win in order to get the nomination much less to win in November?

A few Billion in ads will wash it away. Money is a nice thing to have.

There isn’t enough money to wash it away and neither Trump nor the other dem’s are likely to let it fade.

Who cares… nothing sticks to anyone anymore…

Well obviously that isn’t true. Next…

What has Trump said about “stop and frisk” in the context of say Chicago? Is that the cause of Trump’s low support in the African American community?

Of course it is…you just pretend it doesnt happen amd stay on message…works for trump…lies on top of lies…

Hell everything sticks to Trump as we’ve seen now for four years.

Trump’s support among blacks is growing.

That’s why he was acquitted right?..

Is it? What % support does he have currently in that particular community?

Bloomberg is an open support of stop and frisk he was never going to win over minorities.

He was acquitted because dem’s had no case.

Bloomberg isn’t going to win the nomination.
unless he win on super Tuesday.

In the latest polls from Rassmussen and Emerson upwards of 30%.

Others show black support upwards of 10%.

Democrats cannot win a national election if the republican candidate carries as little as 12% of the vote.

That’s pretty much the point of the OP.

this isn’t a good policy to attack bloomberg on since stop and frisk is universally supported by Republicans they are just not as racist when it comes to reasoning.

What percentage of support in the African American community do you think Trump will get in the 2020 presidential election?