Black coach rebukes woke reporter about race!

I guess we can excuse this reporter who is likely just a product of liberal academic and media conditioning. Nonetheless I absolutely applaud the coach for his response:

Let’s see if he is going to be crucified by the Left.

i doubt it. they know he’s right

It’s sickening what libs have become…I said long time ago they need racism, they depend on racism to justify there existence.

The modern Left ABSOLUTELY preaches how important it is to see and emphasize race in pretty much everything. You disagree?

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There will come a day when whites have little to no representation in America. It will be interesting to see how the politics of race play out when that day comes.

oh definitely but this coach stuck their bs so hard in their face they will shy away from it. just my guess. it will highlight what an ongoing pathetic woks joke the left and media is

Go on.


Will they, though?

Maybe the reporters who got spanked might. MIGHT. The rest of the media? It’s a pipe dream to hope they ever learn a lesson.

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good point

It must be tiring when the color of your skin is more important than your achievements.


If there’s racism in the US, could it honestly be concluded, that by far, it’s coming from the left, accusing the right, while actually being the true perpetrators of it? I’m glad to hear that many among us, are wising up.

Hispanics and blacks are leaving the left faster than most other Americans - Voz Media.

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