Bill Maher Gets Awaken, NOT WOKE

Wow, pigs are flying! I agree with Bill Maher on all the COVID lies…


The funny thing is Bill Maher pretty much sounds like the same guy he always has he just isn’t on the woke bandwagon and one of the few on that side of the aisle willing to speak out against it.


Yes, I think he got jealous of Joe Rogan and wanted some of the conservative viewers. I still think he’s dir bag and don’t trust him.

He has been pretty consistent on covid.


Don’t know Aaron Rodgers (not a football fan) but I love Bill Maher.

I think he’s waking up to the destructiveness of Caucasian liberals in particular and calling them on it.

I just wanna say to anybody that wants to treat it like a big hoax then more power to them. Sure, many may just breeze right through a first or second infection, but there’s a good chance a subsequent infection may bring the hammer down at some point. It’s those folks that’ll keep the r/hermancainaward full a new content.

Bill Maher’s opinions on medical matters has historically been very poor.

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The virus is not a hoax, but the way Fauci and the media tried to make it seem like perfectly healthy kids and young adults were just as susceptible as morbidly-obese and others with co-morbidities is where the “experts” went wrong. It was a huge win for the vax companies.


yeah… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :roll_eyes:

Probably so…