Bill and Hillary were frequent guests at Epstein's ranch

5 kids with 3 baby Mommas. Rappers are like damn dude, that’s not cool.


Prolly difficult to remember all those flights on Epstein’s Kid Express at this point in his life. :man_shrugging:

This will help you out on what “flew on his plane 26 times” means, and keep going to the the part on President RapeyTrump and his Epstein associations if you’re going to try to make sordid connections to Clinton

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Going very well, thank you.

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Yeah I’m sure. :wink::wink::wink:

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Omg! Welcome back!

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The Daily Mail is the most trusted source in News, they had to pay a couple million to the current first lady when they ran a story that she was a hooker.


Would love to see that happen considering all the “lock her up” chants from Obese Donald’s 2016 rallies, now i guess the rally goer Deplorables could chant “finish locking her up” the way the rubes did about Trump’s “big beautiful wall” “finish the wall”.

The “finish the wall” chants were hilarious considering as of the last time I checked not a single mile of Trumpian all brand new wall aka steel bollard style fencing had been built.


I guess it depended on a broad definition and a narrow definition of what a “hooker” is.

Guess the First Lady got off on a technicality.


Not when the the freaks saying this pushed the Russian collusion hoax.

Credability matters.

They had to pay because they choose to be sick propaganda!

Raise your standards.

Post of the year.

Donald will restore credAbility and truthiness to America this November! Keep plugging away fellow patriots, the Greatest Trial Since Nuremberg is coming and with it Donald’s swift destruction of the DEMOCRAT party, its seditious media, and all the forces of lib evil!

It should be with liar Adam Schiff as your Supreme Leader of impeachment. :rofl:

Coups have consequences that’s why Durham is knee deep in criminal investigations into Obama and his Deepstate traitors.

That would have more sting if I wasn’t familiar will your truly fantastic posting history, and if you didn’t misspell “credibility”.

The Deepstate traitors and their malicious media will get their comeuppance at the hands of Donald this coming November!

Not so hot your self Mr familier will your are you.

“Classy”. But oh so typical of the left.

You’re either missing some words or they’re not in the right order.