Bill and Hillary were frequent guests at Epstein's ranch

Surprise…Surprise… Jared Kellogg, security expert at Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch, says that Bill and Hillary Clinton were frequent guests there.

Clinton has flown on Epstein’s private plane, the Lolita Express, several times but denied ever visiting one of Epstein’s residences, apart from one time at his New York home.

They should impeach him

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These are the human traffickers that libs wanted over Trump. :man_shrugging:


If bill or hillary did something bad then investigate and prosecute. I have no issues with a good investigation if found to be credible


Told to the Daily Mail by “a former contractor who ran the IT system at the property” who was told by a security expert, who was told by the ranch manager.

Quadruple hearsay is back on the menu boys!

They shouldn’t have included the whole family to make it believable.


It’s good enough for me.

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The real question though, is Hilary running for president. She still has time.


So hearsay is acceptable now?

Seriously - anyone who has been connected with Epstein needs to be investigated. I dont care who they are or what their politics are.

This piece of scum trafficked in kids and supplied them to the rich and powerful.

Even if the investigation has to take years no one and I mean no one should be out of scope.


Like using a private server to skirt oversight?

Sure it’s been investigated to hell and back. How about private lawyers and facebook apps to skirt oversight. Are those good,?

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Investagated by Deepstate traitors, thank God Barr is investigating these freaks.

You didnt answer my question

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Is facebook run from a private server in someone’s bathroom? No

Thank God Barr is investigating these freaks.

Hey keys leave Ivanka and Jared out of this.

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They are, unless they are stupid like Hillary and are hiding secret servers in their bathroom.

Well there’s some 4th hand info from the Daily Fail. Their track record is…not good.

One thing that not in dispute that President Trump was a frequent guest at Epstein parties and faced a civil lawsuit for raping a 13 year old girl he met at one of Epstein’s parties. Based on how we know Trump likes to operate, clearly she was threatened with her life to drop the lawsuit.

That and his 1st wife Ivans accused Trump of raping her in a deposition. Donald Trump was in pain and enraged after scalp reduction surgery to make his perfect hair even more perfect and went off in her and raped her.

So thats 2 formal accusations of rape against Donald Trump and how many women who’s names we know that have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault? Like 19 or has it gone up?

Trump 2, Clinton 0.


Learn nothing, forget nothing.

Yes it is known that Ivana and Jared were and probably still are using private email for government business and their server is located in Trump Tower.

Surely you are enraged!


Trump at least has the solace of the multiple wives who’ve stuck with him through thick and thin, unlike Clinton.

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Holy crap, it’s @PeterGriffin. Hope all is well for you these days. :wink:

It’s been reported Bill flew 26 times on the Epstein plane.

He tried to claim only 3 times. :grin: