Biden's Response to the Trump Virus

I was in Special Forces. We were adults. No babysitters required.

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we all know how much pain is coming for Trump’s foot soldiers. just doing the denial thing for awhile will drag out the pain. then people ever so slowly claim they didn’t support his COVID policy. then claiming they didn’t support Trump. then claiming they never voted for him. then the complete Nixon thing.

everyone has seen this movie before. we know the ending.

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Good one! So clever. They could have used your energy on the campaign. Maybe the outcome would have been different.

Electronics. Navy. Guided missile frigate.

End Racism; End the 'Rona.

You also know that Biden will be the first president since Obama to start bombing brown people. I look forward to your support. :sunglasses:

I see. In the Infantry, we make the weak links disappear. :man_shrugging:

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i guess you have to say something on the night of a Biden victory. that’s as good as anything.

Rucksack down the hallway. Or out the window.

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Thank you for your support. Try not to blame any Republicans this time. :wink:

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I do. Congratulations.

I bet the weak links were the jerks told you do something they wouldn’t do or hadn’t done.

Oceans are big and empty as well.

So you have no enforcement mechanism.

You ask me where I was, I refuse to answer.

Now what. You can’t take me to court due to the 5th.

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One thing Biden is probably glad about is that Trump is not ready to invite him to COVID Central…I mean…the White House.

Third Wave running through there…knowledge of which they tried to suppress yet again.

Until Meadows got it.

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They never stopped

But I’m sure Kim will miss his love letters

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Voters do, too.

I like common ground.

We do things that get people killed. Getting rid of weak links is a matter of safety.

Yep, war’s a comin’. Thank you for your support. :wink:

for what? pretending COVID is not killing your fellow Americans?

This is a great thread. Really good information in the OP.