Biden's record-setting tax increases will take your money — and your job

Biden has a crazy tax agenda that would tax the middle working class. And the hill just said Biden has AOC on his team.

Yeah not sure this is a great winning platform.
Basically if you more then one per child you would be taxed more. Biden and Liberals judging with this tax platform wants to punish the middle class.

This is the hill reporting ironical. A bit surprising to see the hill saying that Trump tax cuts actually help middle class families.

# Biden’s record-setting tax increases will take your money — and your job

Biden proposes an outright repeal of Trump’s tax reform package, raising taxes on the middle class, blue-collar families and American corporations, large and small. Such tax increases would return America’s corporate tax rate to close to 40 percent, the highest in the world.

Additionally, Biden proposes a “carbon tax” — a new form of gas tax — on America’s world-leading oil and natural gas production. And he has asked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), architect of the Green New Deal, to co-chair his campaign on climate change.

Biden’s tax increases would raise taxes on middle-class families by over $2,000 a year, with a $1,300 annual tax increase on a median-income, single parent with one child. Repealing Trump’s tax reform would cut in half the child tax credit and standard deduction, which currently help lower-income families the most.

There’s more: Biden proposes to reinstate the ObamaCare individual mandate tax, which hits lower-income and middle-class households the hardest, with an estimated bill of $695 to $2,085 per family. Most households paying that tax made less than $50,000 a year. Remember, Trump’s 2017 tax reform zeroed out that ObamaCare tax, to help working people.

All I see here is an opinion piece full of proposals. Proposals which would have to be passed by both the House and the Senate. And even if those proposals passed both the House and the Senate, in order for Biden to sign them into law, it would still be worth getting the Orange Menace out of Office. After all, even if Biden wins, he would be at best a one term President and anything he does will be undone in four years, if not sooner. Not really seeing a downside here to be honest, even if this opinion piece were remotely accurate, which it isn’t. Probably why it’s an opinion piece. :laughing:


I would prefer Trump for another 4 years over Biden. With Biden We would go to war with Syria for regime change. Of course your a Liberal.

Proposals which would have to be passed by both the House and the Senate.
They will both pass easily with ease if Liberals take hold for 4 years of the House and Senate and white house lefty/NeverTrumper.

Thats the point of the article.
“Not really seeing a downside here to be honest”
For a never Trumper you never see downside your problary sad that Bush or Romney didn’t win. Thank goodness Bushes didn’t win though.

So am I a liberal or a never Trumper? Do make up your mind. :laughing:

You seemingly want Trump out of office. Biden is 100x times worse.

Amazing that you would know that seeing as he hasn’t even been in office yet. Miss Cleo, is that you? :laughing:

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The new China II, that was the old United States. Ahhhhhh…I can see it now!

COVID-19 makes all these policy positions moot. We are going to be in recession by the time the 2020 winner is sworn in. No one is going to be raising taxes in a recession.


We always raise taxes when we have record unemployment too. No wonder Trump was looking at eliminating payroll taxes. Might as well when many Americans are no longer on a payroll.

Always love when a Trump-supporter with their opinion piece has to add this in there:

" Trump’s tax reform package created an economy that produced the [lowest unemployment in American history for Blacks, Hispanics and Asians, along with increases in wages and middle-class incomes."

And yet, black support for Trump is like 8%. Me thinks tossing this “fact” out has no effect on what those ethnic groups think of Trump.

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A mentally challenged wombat would be better than what we have now.

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Yeah we might end up in a deep recession with double digit unemployment. Scary to think about.


A little bit of BDS never hurt anyone.

Would you be ok with a high unemployment under a Biden Admin then with a BDS or carbon tax? because these carbon taxes arent helping anyone in Germany.

Ah so your saying you would prefer if Hillary or that crazy Warren was in Charge never trumper neocon? you far left Liberals and neocons in here are bit to easy to figure out bit ironic.

No one expect a liberal as they are doing so in Europe. You guys in here are actually believing that Biden is a saint because he listens to advisers? lol if his advisers say lets regime change Syria he will do it.

You guys are also doubting the silent majority. I would think you would prefer if your beloved Romney was running :roll_eyes:

Yes! They actually have at least 2+ brain cells to rub together.

Biden (right) and his advisor(left)

Lewis Uhler :roll_eyes:

This is an opinion piece.