Biden's Latest Proposal is Tanking the Market

It truly is the Bernie Sanders presidency, as this is only the beginning. Can’t say I have much sympathy for the Democratic donor class, as they voted for this. Unfortunately, the rest of us will also have to suffer with a White House that’s hell bent on crushing the economy during a pandemic.

Better get used to more stock drops.

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Tanking? The market is at 33k. Sounds like pure BDS.

Boo hoo, rich stock brokers might have to pay more taxes on their monopoly money gains, I’m devastated. :roll_eyes:


Oh no … how will the wealthy survive?


By not taking a profit until after Joe is history and so is his tax.


The fallacy in this line of thought is the belief that Democratic tax hikes don’t impact people that aren’t one-percenters.

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Yes, he’s tanking it with words.

If it had a chance of passing, we’d be down 2,000 points,” said Thomas Hayes, chairman and managing member at hedge fund Great Hill Capital LLC.

Oh no. Stock market only up 10% since Biden took over three months ago.

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I have a 401k


Thanks to Trumps vaccine


I thought 401ks were exempt from capital gains taxes?

They’re not exempt from the market.


She’ll be right mate

Anyway the the lord the drop wasn’t as bad as the day the Dow dropped 1,777.57 points, equivalent to a 7.55-percent drop, under the previous guy


While true very few folks have sizable investments outside of a 401k or IRA, typically folks that have large non-qualified investments account’s tend to be the upper class

How will the very wealthy ever get by?

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What percentage of the market is owned by what percentage of the population and what’s their income

It is a crazy statistic you are bringing up there.


That’s one of the funnier things i have read on here.

Day traders and short term traders will not disappear.

Donald Trump once said if you raise my taxes I’ll invest my money, if you lower my taxes I’ll spend more money. Either way I win. :wink:

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Today: SPY is down .91%


It’s called a dip, buy it.

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