Biden wins michigan primary

And libs are lining up behind him. Many of the same libs who two months ago were saying there’s no way they’d vote for Biden.



Looks like even though there was 125 delegates up for grabs in Michigan, Sanders is going to do worse in total delegates in Mississippi even though they only give out 36 delegates in Mississippi he has only got 1 from there as he is getting destroyed 81% to 14.9% there.

Kind of like all the Republicans who lined up for Trump in 2016 who said they’d never vote for him during the primaries. Weird.


Says mr I didn’t vote for trump but will now

So your point is some people will vote with their party regardless of who gets thrown up? Well thanks, Captain Obvious. :roll_eyes:

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They obviously have their hopes on that. However, if it does dwindle away and there is no huge death count and this is not the second coming of the Spanish Flu then this all dwindles away by November.

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The party out of power (Republican or Democratic) ALWAYS hopes for negative economic results at election time. Bad economics is good news for the party out of power and that applies to BOTH parties.

The amount of deaths or the length of the virus crisis is not necessarily applicable. The crisis could end by June, yet leave economic damage that persists for perhaps a year or two.

Or maybe not.

The length of the economic crisis is not at all tied to the length of the virus crisis. The virus crisis is merely a trigger for an economic virus.

Myriad other factors are at play.

Trump is hardly doomed at this point. But he needs a good economy in November and that will take some work and some luck.

Compare and contrast to Donald Trump who was unable to determine whether the word should be oranges or origins (thrice). As a matter on interest did you see J Biden’s speech today? It certainly wasn’t anything like the picture you are trying to paint.

A pet rock would serve the same purpose as having Gabbard participate?

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Sanders did not have sufficient support.

Anyone pushing Sanders has been kept out of the Democrat primaries has an ulterior motive to try to assist trump.

Sure. And you’re the authority on how our political system works. :laughing:

I have never claimed any such expertise. However, Sanders has participated in the Democratic debates and primaries and is behind Biden in the delegate count.


At this point it’s disappointing Marianne Williamson did not get the support to be a finalist to possibly debate Ole Joe and perhaps Bolshevik Bernie for the nomination.
You gotta admit, it would be well, entertaining?

All those awful libs going back on their word. Can you provide a quote from ONE liberal who took that position and is now supporting Biden. I’m not talking about people who supported another candidate and now are aligning with Biden – let’s see an example of a “Never Biden” voter who has switched.

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I think if you really want Gabbard in the debates you should pressure the RNC to set an example by holding debates between Trump and William Weld. But as long as the RNC is setting the example of ignoring candidates who do not have viable chances, it hardly seems appropriate to complain when the DNC does the same.

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Guys…if Biden is the Democrat candidate…it’s over? I’ve pointed out for a while now that…he’s losing it. He won’t even make it till November. His ship is sinking very fast now. The pressure of running, is speeding up the dementia process. He’s unraveling before everyones’ eyes…on camera…in front of the whole world.

Listen up…dum, da, dum, dum…dum, da, dum, dum, daaaaaaaaa! :sunglasses:

I didn’t see it this way but…is that…IS THAT Hillary…on the lib horizon? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I think the Republican supporters agitating for Gabbard to appear in a debate they should contact the RNC and demand that Gabbard appears at the next Republican primary debate.

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