Biden wins michigan primary

Couldn’t blame them for being bitter, but they can’t claim it was rigged this time around.

You obviously didn’t watch Biden’s speech post the primaries on Tuesday.

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A strict diet of ginkgo and fish oil is causing moments of lucidity??

Dude’s sundowning hard.

You run with that…it’s typical of how you derive your conclusions. I watched the other thousand videos. :sunglasses:

The dimocrats were always destined for an old white guy despite their protestations otherwise.

Dude, it’s ALWAYS rigged. Why do you think we keep ending up with the same “choices” we get every four years?

You’ve watched 1000 Biden videos? Like whole speeches? I’m impressed.

Now come on…I hope you know I’m not thaaaaaaat stupid? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I was going to say, even most ardent Biden supporters couldn’t do that.

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Not only that. I wonder if Smyrna watched the 1000 videos since the South Carolina primary, because until then there was little point paying attention to Biden. Very impressive.

Maybe 1000 Grateful Dead concerts, but 1000 speeches by one politician is hard to imagine!

You’re older than I thought you were. :sunglasses:

No such thing as 1000 Grateful Dead concerts. It was just one long continuous concert that went on for 25 years. :joy:


I wouldn’t put too much faith in your analysis. You bet me the Republicans would gain House seats in 2018. How’d that work out?

…cost me a pizza and I’m glad you’re still savoring that rare occasion…as you should? :sunglasses:

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I won’t pretend to have attended 1000 but my first was in 1968 and the last was in 1995.

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I was only hoping that realizing how incredibly off you were, completely devoid of political reality, would help you realize the kind of right wing political bubble you’ve created around yourself that blocks out reality. Sadly, that hasn’t happened.


Hes fine…you dont know…what you are talking about

President Trump got himself impeached to prevent running against Biden.


So; not better