Biden wants to give out $450000 per person for separated illegal migrants

I don’t know which agency is making the pay out, but I’d assume CBP

“What was that?!”

“The Biden Administration … they’ve gone to plaid…”


Last time I looked Haiti was not close to Australia.

And you can’t use a screwdriver to tighten a pipe connection. Not even in Australia.


I don’t think plurality of democrats here would think giving nearly a half a million to and illegal is a good idea considering 60% of the citizens here have less than $500 in savings and many only got a couple thousand given to them during the pandemic.

I could be wrong I hope I am that this has little support even within the democratic base.


Never underestimate the stupidity and contemptuous defense by the left of this administration.


So true.

I was listening to an interview with someone, either Brandon Judd or Tom Homan a couple of days ago. Whomever it was described the border this way.
Bozo the Biden and company (my words not theirs) inherited the most secure southern border any of us can remember…and in 10 months completely reversed that. It’s now the least secure based solely on the actions of one person. Biden…

The man should be removed from office over his border failure alone.

What a disgrace Biden and company are for this country.


Did Biden tear down the wall? Oh, that’s right, very little new coverage occurred during the Trump presidency.

more utter insanity from an anti-American admin

Fox just shared a tweet from Dan Crenshaw…

If a service member is killed in battle his family gets less than the Clueless Joe administration wants to give these illegals.

If a burglar breaks into your house are you giving that person 6 figures?

How much are the ACLU’s dirtbag lawyers getting out of this “settlement” opportunity?


President Joseph Robinette Biden…putting America last since January 20, 2021.

it’s not just a matter of putting us “last” democrats have been doing that for years. this is a determined path of destruction, with another stinging slap in the face to anyone who attempts to live a true American life


illegals killing actual Americans by drunk driving (like the little girl in florida) shouldn’t be a felony either says joe.

well at least he didn’t rape her first.


a dangerous reckless anti-american disgrace.

“when do we get to use our guns?”

I ve said many times…

If you wanted to destroy America…

You would govern exactly the way Biden and company are governing.

I knew his administration was going to be horrible…no way I thought it would be this sick this fast.


The DailyMail has a story this morning about this insane Biden idea…here are some quotes from prominent Republicans.

“ Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton also described the plans as ‘insanity’ while likening the migrants as ‘burglars who broke into a home’.

‘It’s unthinkable to pay a burglar who broke into your home for the ‘psychological trauma’ they endured during the crime. Yet the Biden admin wants to reward migrants who illegally entered our country with up to $450,000 each for just that reason. Insanity,’ Cotton wrote.

Fellow Arkansas Rep. Steve Womack shared Cotton’s view.

‘Insanity. Rewarding illegal immigrants with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars is the ULTIMATE insult to law-abiding citizens. President Biden wants to send the IRS to surveil your bank account while cutting checks—with your money—to people who’ve broken our laws,’ Womack said.

Michigan Rep. Tim Wahlberg declared the idea to be ‘pure madness and an insult to hardworking taxpayers,’ while Wisconsin Rep. Bryan Steil was aghast at the proposals.

‘Our border is wide open and now Biden is in talks to pay illegal immigrants $450,000. This is unbelievable,’ Steil tweeted. ”

I hope these guys are prepared to do more than tweet.


i doubt it, unfortunately

too many in that building want this too

This is the cost of the child separation policy.

What… you didn’t think that this wouldn’t come back and bite the US Government in the ass?

This is what you get for wide open borders coupled with stupid liberals running the country.

People who never should have been in the country now getting more money from taxpayers that most if the taxpayers will ever have in the bank.

This is a disgusting idea that cannot be defended.

If you lefties ever decide to stop rewarding criminal behavior the rest of us would appreciate it.

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