Biden selling Alaska to Russia?

And people actually believed it.

Really hard to believe.


That is crazy.

If he really wanted, biden would simply give Alaska to russia.

Sell!..Too funny!!!


Not conservatives…they all know Babylon Bee is satire site.

Being libertarian republished it.


Really? I don’t read yahoo news…they fall/promote into left-wing BS every time.

Was it in their satire section? Or did anyone even check that?

not until he sells Louisiana back to the French…

I actually think he’d download Alaska on his son’s soggy laptop and just leave it at an electronics store in Siberia.


What would be really hard to believe is that anyone would believe it except for this …

“The Babylon Bee describes its site as “the world’s best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims.” USA TODAY has previously fact-checked out-of-context headlines from the website.”

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