Biden pinches young girl's nipple

And there’s video to prove it. I know you all still think that Joe is a saint and all the creepy videos mean nothing. Well watch the video. Watch it twice. Watch Biden’s hand the first time. Then watch the girl’s reaction the second time. Something happened to her. Her face shows it. And she quickly pulls away. Your president is a creeper. Plain and simple. Your excuses won’t change that.

Note: This is not a Trump thread. If you want another Trump thread please start one. Thanks in advance.

Senator Daines’ niece, Maria Piacesi, says Biden pinched her nipple (


This girl?

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She is older and apparently willing to talk about it now.

Weird. Libs swore it didn’t happen, even when they saw it happen. Perhaps she’s a liar, or just doesn’t know what she’s talking about. :man_shrugging:

She is 14 now and frightened of the woke pushback. I don’t blame her for being frightened of the pushback. Pretty savvy for still being a kid.


That’s what she said. She was afraid to talk and her friends wouldn’t believe her. The video clearly shows Biden’s fingers in a nipple tweaking position and the girl lunging forward when he does it.

He’s a sicko. Even the secret service knows it.


She saw what happened to Tara Reade.

Biden cognitive disconnect means she has no recourse.

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Wow, what a creep! You see how he starts to grope her and see her pull away, but then he goes back for another feel!

It’s called sexual assault of a minor. I’m wondering if CNN will ignore this. The libs here certainly have.


The Kid Sniffer must be protecte(D) at all costs.


In these discussions I completely agreed that Trump’s pictures with his daughter were in my view inappropriate but I can’t recall anyone of them feeling that way about Biden.

Right? The wokies are instead trying to restart their Kavanaugh nonsense. The same wokies who simply ignore all the perverted stuff Biden does.

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She may have to go to Australia before anyone will listen to her.

I think Paul Simon wrote a song that describes the woke reaction. It’s called “The Sound of Silence.”

Loud, thunderous silence. lol

Lock him up?

This newfound concern for inappropriate behavior from the MAGA crowd is awe inspiring. Almost makes you wonder if it’s genuine. :thinking:


What is YOUR genuine opinion of Biden grouping a child?


Libs voted for him knowing this about him. :man_shrugging:


The left has been busily trying to normalize sex with children. It just falls into their bag of “who are we to judge?” when it comes to deviancy.