Biden officially launches bid for President

What is it with RWNJ’s always telling people who they voted for?

No? That’s crazy. He could take a lot of what was done during his 8 yrs as VP under Obama and offer those issues.

How many you see more than once?

Yes please.

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:rofl: no they didn’t.

Joe Biden is not smart.

Weird ain’t it?

And of course his king ran off a lot of us conservatives as Trump was the final straw that made us realize the Republican Party was lost

Fondling women and girls and shooting shotguns off balconies?

She won the popular vote and not one lib here voted for her. Strange.

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You’d think if he cared about America and dimocrats, he would have run in 2016.

Looks like he doesn’t care.

What’s up with the name calling?

His King, Donald Trump, does it all the time.

Its only natural.

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I voted for her.

Are you also the guy in charge for determining what threads can be started?

Even more truth in advertising.

Now origin or should that be orange is a different thing entirely.

Seriously though, why didn’t biden want to “battle for America’s soul” back in 2016??

What a fraud!

"“It’s no secret that Beau wanted him to run,” Dick Harpootlian, a former chairman of South Carolina’s Democratic Party and a longtime Biden supporter, told the Journal. “If he does what Beau wanted him to do, he’ll run.”

Guess he didn’t care about his son. Or America.

Next fake reason??

His son passed away. I think anyone would understand if they lost a loved one, especially a son/daughter. I certainly do.