Biden officially launches bid for President

Senator Amy Klobuchar is who I prefer among all of the Democrats running. But I don’t think that she will get the Dem nomination. I will likely vote for any of the Democrats that are running in the general election against Trump.

If there was a blue wave, Trump would have lost more seats than Obama and Clinton. And he would have lost the senate…

You mean the govt OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE?

I love it when you call him Fat. It’s shows liberal PC stuff is all BS.

I’m like fat donald and tell it like it is.

He’s everything that the Trumpies love to hate.

  1. He’s smart
  2. He believes in science
  3. He believes in justice

There was a real blue wave during the 2018 midterm elections. The Democrats gained as many as 40 House seats, which is the most House seats that they gained since 1974. Wisconsin’s GOP Governor lost his reelection bid and Arizona ended up electing their first Democratic Senator since 1988.

Trying to make a grandfatherly Biden seem “creepy” is especially rich from the crowd that openly supports sexual predators and pedophiles as long as they’re righties.

Well I’m not librul or PC…and FAT Donald is fat and stupid, like many of his supporters. He’s also going senile.

I also think Biden is waaaaay too old to run…and just a distraction at this point.

While we’re at it, OAC is a dope, but nowhere near as stupid as the guy you support.

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That’s a great question.

Why were there like 10,000 threads on “russian collusion”??

At least biden is a real thing.

I think.

All these Biden lovers here will be denying they ever supported him in 18 months.

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I will support any candidate that’s opposed to fat donald. Full stop.

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Just like libs supported their Queen.

I voted for Bernie and Hillary lost bro, get over it.

It doesn’t matter. Trump supporters think they have one now.

Wait til ol’ Pedophile Roy Moore is up in the Alabama Senate race again, I’m sure Trump supporters will be out in full force defending him. Ya know, defend your own, trash your opponents and pretend yours doesn’t count/matter.

Old, white and male are what he is, has nothing to do with what he has or doesn’t have to offer. As to the question - what ha he to offer as a presidential candidate? I can’t think of a thing.

You’re not getting off dude. As Sneak said that stink lingers around you.

What policy of Trump’s do you disagree with?

It is what it is, sorry to burst your bubble. :man_shrugging:

I didn’t vote for Hillary, but I did vote for Sinema.