Biden officially launches bid for President

You didn’t see the Biden thread that had been there for over four hours before yours? It’s been very active.

I am curious about the words he used when ask that little boy if he could touch him. I assume the alt left was relieved that this time it was a little boy

“Grab ’em by the ■■■■■■ You can do anything.”

Joe Biden may be a little creepy, but if it comes down between him and the ■■■■■ grabber, then I will vote for Biden in the general election.

From grabbing women to grabbing little kids. It’s OK because Orange Man Bad. lol

I’ve heard rumors he may run with fat Stacy Abrams.

You’re equating the photos you posted to grabbing a woman by the ■■■■■ against her will? Okay.


Of course

He’s the OWP frontrunner. Why is there 10,000 threads on Trump?

Nah, I’m laughing at how libs will elect a child molester just to get the Orange Man out. It’s hilarious, they even talk about ethics. lol

Of course. Who wouldn’t? Private parts are private parts for a reason.

Yes I saw it. So what? Is there now a Biden thread limit rule?

You’re equating the photos you posted to child molestation? Okay.

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How do you know he will be elected as Democratic candidate?


Thank you for summing up the left’s ability to look the other way with the best of them. lol

When you grab onto a child and they show discomfort in their body language by pulling away, and their facial expression is full of distress , and you aren’t picking that up and able to let go? Yeah you got a problem. I’m not saying a molestation problem but you clearly have some type of boundary problems

What? Kissing a girl on the forehead is child molestation? Kissing a kid on the forehead is equal to grabbing a woman’s ■■■■■ against her will? Really?

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Biden won’t be able to differ himself from Trump. Infrastructure and private sector union jobs are what Trump is about. Biden only real difference is open borders. Both will run on repealing and replacing Obama care.

What about the other way around?

That’s not a good reason.