Biden if elected would remove China tariffs be More Pro China. China Wants Biden

Interesting enough China’s gov own gov propaganda outlet south china just stated that for a stable world they would rather prefer to see Joe Biden.

Its not a surprise that China’s gov or media would prefer to see a Biden admin in the white house because they know all the claims that Biden is claiming about being anti China or cutting of tech jobs is completely BS.

They are counting on a Biden because they know a Biden admin would never fully truly punish the China’s gov for letting the virus loose. The far leftist liberals also want Biden to be softer on China and letting the travel ban on China be lifted to.
China wants the GOP to Dump Trump for another Rep who are hoping would be softer on China. This artlice sees China as a right and see what China is doing nothing wrong makes no mention of wrong doing for what China’s gov is doing in Hong Kong.

Yet claims the world needs China. :roll_eyes:

# Who does China want as next US president?

But since we will never know what Beijing’s preference really is and whether it will change its mind from now until November, maybe it’s more useful to ask how Beijing sees the world ahead with either Trump or Biden as president; or another viable Republican candidate to replace Trump should he be dumped by his own party.

You may not like China but you can’t live without it.

There are common interests as well as conflicts between China and the West. Their parameters need to be worked out, and understanding, whether tacit or formally defined, needs to be reached before fights get out of hand.

Trump and Co make an easy target for Beijing to distract from its failings at home and aboard, and vice versa. But if China is serious about addressing those fundamental problems, it may want a mature adult in the Oval Office.

This author claims that China is about addressing those fundamental problems but with this virus it doesn’t look like it. What they want is clearly a person whom would be softer and would never criticize China for what they are doing in places like Hong Kong.

# Biden Camp Tries to Walk Fine Line on China

I am sure China must be very excited for a Joe Biden admin should he win.

Of course he would. Democrats and China goverment share the same ideologue.

Not to mention they have their hands in his son’s pockets.


Is Ivanka giving up all her Chinese trademarks?

Ask her. I’m sure she’ll respond to you.